Only 9 of us? :huh:
And it wasn’t even snowing…

ive got an excuse i was on call and when you were at the bleather i was in a plant room under the royal edinburgh hospital and i know where i would rather have been :axe
and it wasnt the plant room

Don’t complain about a plant room in Edinburgh. Try shitty East Croydon every damb week. Then complain. I set up the Hawes in Blether and haven’t been once. :frowning:

‘Blether Tonight’ was the heading about last weeks Blether, which Bugtastic couldn’t make.
Tonight is ‘Extra Blether’ night, still successfully running since May, when Rob (slobbo) mooted the idea of a monthly combined meet for Kingdom Klubbers and Lothians.
Commiserations to anyone stuck at work tonight - in plant rooms, offices, tugboats, or even East Croydon… :rs