Boness street show 14th September

Their is a transport show on in Bo’ness on Saturday the 14th in the town centre of Bo’ness . I was asked if we could provide
some cars vans and campers to show at the event. Trucks, vintage
cars, motorbikes will be there.The town centre roads will be closed from 11am-1600pm .I am sure some club members would like to show of some of their cars and vans,

Please post here or on forum of you would like to go so we can gauge numbers.


Sounds a good day out . We can bring Betty,our camper.

Hi Mark spoke to the person who is organizing the event. He said if the cars , vans could be their for 9;15 am on the Saturday would be fine.

All the people who are going to the event could meet in LIDL carpark its only minutes from the town centre. This

means everybody will be close together, you could mention there are a few cafe’s that sell good home made food in the town,

I am sure everybody should enjoy the day out. Will have to know the numbers Wednesday , Thursday at the latest, am sure one or

two late names won’t be a problem. If they need directions just let me know and al post them

                                                              cheers Russell

Meeting point lidl in boness at 9.45ish

We are broken down outside Gilmerton :frowning: We were going OK until I filled the tank at Morissons. She idles but cuts out at about 1500rpm. looks like we will not make it. :frowning: