Boomerang 67 Beetle

I moved house last year and had to sell my project 67 beetle, something I regretted from the moment it left my garage.

Well last week I saw it completed and for sale on eBay, so with my fresh PPI refund in hand I decided to buy it back again.

It gets delivered on Monday lunchtime, just in time for my birthday.

Nice one 👍

A couple of pics

Looks great ! Is it how you would have done it ? Or do you have plans to put your own mark on it …

It’s mostly how I would have done it. It needs a paint touch up the on the wings, Bonnet and engine lid plus a couple of minor blemishes. So will be looking to get that looked at in the new year. It also needs a bigger carb, it currently has a Pict 31 which is too small for a 1641 twin port