Breakdown Cover

Hi there, Summer has passed and the monsoon season has started so no better time to go on holiday in the beloved van. My present breakdown company has just changed its policy and my van is too old to cover - bah!
Can anyone recommend a good ‘Breakdown recovery’ company for old vans. I have come across the AA at £89 and someone called 2Gether Motor Breakdown for the same cover at £49.95.
Any other tips, recommendations or total avoids please.

I’m with the aa . Had zero probs with them

Its also worth checking with your insurance to.see.if they offer it? Could possibly save?

Im in the RAC mate and had no probs.
Also had european cover with my insurance when i was away.

We’ve got ours included in our insurance for £50 , includes European coverage as well. Worth checking to see if your insurance company offers it.

i got mines with my insurance

Thanks. I already have van insurance but runs to March so is a bt awkward to wait till then. Thanks any ways.

I use Britannia Rescue. £130 a year but that covers me and the wife in any car. Usual perks but they will pick up my car from the house and drop it to a garage within 15 miles (I think) so is useful. I left them to make use of a bank break down cover deal but went back because the service with BR was much better. They bought my wifes car back from France once and flew us all back to Edinburgh. Brilliant service.

RAC Euro Cover for me.
Vehicle age is the issue…
Maybe not the cheapest, but reliable enough.
You should get 10% off with LVWC membership as we’re still RACMSA affiliated aren’t we…? heehaw.gif

My insurance also provides breakdown cover for my van.
However, my Saab cover, with my usual company, cannot be renewed because the vehicle is more than 10 yrs old.

So I searched for a breakdown service who will cover vehicles regardless of age.
I found Autoaid at
This is a comprehensive cover for £38pa including your spouse, any vehicle your driving regardless of age, cover for caravans/trailers, homestart and recovery within the UK (Europe costs extra). If you have a camper greater than 2.5 tonnes or 2500cc, this service wont cover your vehicle. I think a Type 2 is about 1.2 or 2 tonnes, according to where you look on the Internet, and whether or not your T2 is a camper.
The catch is that you have to pay the recovery service yourself and reclaim the money from Autoaid. (So if travelling long distance, I will have to carry a Credit Card). I have checked out reviews of Autoaid and all seem positive. Does anyone have cover with Autoaid?
So from 2013, if all goes well, i will be using one breakdown service for both vehicles.

Autoaid links to EuroRescue both being operated by Equity Insurance Group Limited.

Unfortunately, EuroRescue state the following :
We cannot cover cars over 15 years old and caravans and trailers attract an extra premium of £30

so it’s still the RAC for me… :rolleyes:
I was £50

I couldn’t see anything from that link - hope this works better…