breakfast at mine

sunday 11am if you missed my other few posts,bacon rolls etc t coffee,all welcome

whos all going for “breakfast at tiffanys” then ?

get your names down

ill be there :slight_smile:

anyone else ?

a piece at any ones door cottle no 2

count me in ill be there!

not sure depends on othr half so probably

hmmm crispy bacon :stuck_out_tongue:

well there was plenty bacon rolls to go round and cakes and biscuits !! had to take a doggy bag home with me!! cheers for the breakfast mark ! good to see the usual suspects!

best rolls ive had in a long time,plenty of choice of what to have on them,cakes,buscuits ,tea and cofee yumee,

same time same place next week then mark ?? im getting hungry just thinking about it


paul “cant cook,wont cook,rather eat for free” cottle

with the food i have left yeah im sure i could go a few more weeks :lol: