Breaking - 1986 Golf mkII

Sadly, I’ll be breaking my old golf next week.

Does anyone need anything?

It’s a 1986 5-door.

Good tailgate, doors, single headlight grille, small bumpers with brink towball/electrics, switches, loads other good bits. Just ask and I’ll remove whatever your after.

Bumpers might be spoken for, Delboy 175 do you still want them?

If you need anything don’t hang about because I’ll only remove the bits requested, the rest will be getting weighed in at Hunters, within a few weeks!


Hi Stephen,
Does single lamp grill have all clips?


just checked, all the ones along the top are fine.


Yes please Stephen :slight_smile: drop me a pm again with a price for both bumpers and irons etc

Delboy, P.M. sent.


Hi Stephen, in light of my automatic problem. Could maybe go for pedal assembley, gearbox and drive sharfts to convert mine to manual :rolleyes:

Jim Hernandez,
you are kidding?

I’d be really surprised if there is much wrong with the auto shifter.
I ran it for nearly 12 months as a daliy hack with next to no problems. If it really has let go after just 12 hours of ownership you must be very unlucky!

Of course if you would just prefer a manual the bits are there.

P.M. me.


I was speaking to a guy down our local on Friday who said he has two Mk.2 GTi’s needing removed from loaned garage space he’s losing to the landed gentry.
I’m led to believe one is an immaculate 3 door and worth over £500 ( heehaw.gif ) and the other’s got 5 door body rust but great engine and gearbox.
I’m trying to arrange a visit and take some pics before he does anything silly like see 'em off to the scrappies, but man, when will I find time to keep on top of all this AND work…? :rs

O.k. folks just looked out the documents and the golfs last day on the road is tomorrow.

So the clock is ticking!

If you want anything P.M. me A.S.A.P. otherwise I won’t be removing it and it will go as scrap.

Martyn, Delboy are you wanting these parts?

Forgot to mention good bonnet, front wings and gti steel wheels.


yes mate, whip it off and i’ll pick it up from you as soon as i can mate.

Nah think your right, will stick with the autobox for now, although that t handle has slackened off again, think i’ll experiment with some glue, that should sort it heehaw.gif Then replace that clicking cv joint and off for mot. It’s really nice to drive an automatic, very relaxing and laid back, beter be carefull I could get used to autoboxes biggrin.gif Cheers for your help Stephen :thumb:

So far the following are now spoken for:-

Front grille.
Front and Rear bumper with tow bar.
GTI steel wheels.

Everything else will be going for scrap soon unless you shout out now.


Have you still got the badge from the rear panel Stephen?
Just in case I have this to play with in future… heehaw.gif

got the rear badges, but mines says “golf cl”.

I’ll whip them off just in case!



Still loads of good bits left.

This will going to the tip A.S.A.P.

Delboy please P.M. me if you want the bumpers otherwise they will be going too.


have you got one with a working fan, as mine works when it wants

Sure it’s not the switch?
They do cut in pretty late on Golfs.

I’ve got both, but they are from the smaller 1.6 radiator.


O.k. folks, car is now long gone but I’m still stuck with some bits promised to people and not collected!
If you still want any of these bits email me tonight, you know who you are.
Otherwise they will be available from Bernard Hunter from about 9am tomorrow and then probably China!