Breaking a 1303

I’m breaking up a 1303 to make a Speedster replica. I don’t need anything other than the engine, drive train and chassis. Is anyone interested in any of the rest? It will all have to go into a skip if I can’t find a good home for it.

There’s a full set of glass. Both doors are useable (hinges unscrewed from the door pillars, so no heat damage from trying to drive out the hinge pins). The bonnet has some rust damage, but is repairable. The decklid is in good condition. The bodywork is ok and you’re welcome to any panels you want. I’ve stripped out the dash and fiddly bits. Post a reply, email me at russ at sfc dot uklinux dot net, or phone or text 07050 215 802.

you’ll be welding on a new framehead then, cause I haven’t seen a speedster that uses strut front suspension.

i was wondering about that too???

Yup - new front frame head. I’ve never even touched a welder in my life. Does anyone know someone who’ll make a really good job of shortening the chassis and welding on a new framehead>

shorten the chassis first , then swap the frame head.
Measure at least several times before you cut, eye it up, eyeball it and measure it again before you weld. Look again before you weld, if it don’t look right, measure again. Take a bit of care and the end result will be closer than factory tolerance and the satisfaction immense.

its an old site, but you get the idea