bug almost complete

thought i would just update here

engine getting fitted at weekend
interior arriving next week (new seats and matching door cards)
new front sealed beams are on
feb been booked for re-spray
t-bars,stone guards,vent grills sitting here ready to go on once sprayed

will post photos soon
:thumb: :thumb:

what interior did you get got pics :rolleyes:

there almost finished stephen not in car yet but i will post pictures.
there blue down the sides with pink down the middle with blue vw logo in the middle :mellow: if that makes sense
original seats this time though so my ricaros will be up for grabs,and a back seat but its the old yucky tattie sack material :lol:
so probably chuck that oot

above are seats that he done for someone else :smiley:

nice B) B)

in ref to above seat image.yeah what ever man we all know you like pink. lol :lol: :lol: :lol:
me old fruit

nowt wrong with a bit pink in ur life mark
:rasp :rasp

nothing wrong with pink mark, r you doing your rod pink jessie :rasp :smiley: :smiley:

ash hit with me a price for ur seats?
cool looking interior i might add, how much that costing? :thumb:

there seats that he did for someone else tam,mine are blue down the sides with pink centre and the blue vw sign.

for front and back seats and the 4 door cards it cost me £250

the seats are urs i said u could have them


cool by me then but i cant not give nothing for them… i would not like that at all… :thumb: espec as they are cool seats :smiley:

emmmm trying to think :smiley:
do u still have they cream sunvisors?

lol no, doll sorry, can check and see what else i have lying about thou, got a pink wee tool kit lol
worst case senario - if your not going to take anything- which is silly- let me know what you and stevie drink… and i buy you’s an extra large bottle or 2 or 3 of whatever that may be :thumb:

i tell you what tam theres a pink cd player i want for the car :lol: :lol:
give me something towards that and im happy honestly hun,i always promised you the seats and im not goin back on my word

ashleigh :smiley:

lol …no bother… let me know when ur picking it up and price… right get those seats out o that car… lol :thumb:

new seats should be here next week so i,ll give you a phone once there here.
might need a few of they spare clips you have lying around for the door cards if i end up breaking some by accident

ashleigh :huh:

colour is the paint job…say pink :thumb: out with the blue B)

its goin the same blue but with pink flake through it,i couldnt take away ur identity tam of the pink bug your cars is well liked as the pink bug from fife.


nowt wrong with having two pinks… na that will be cool the blue with pink flake… :thumb:

i was hoping it was goin to be finished for dubfreeze but dont think it will thats only a couple of weeks away