bug bay


definately different

i like that. it looks… well… different. turn a few heads i imagine but would probably piss off the purists good and proper.

I LIKE IT! It looks right handy, and as as for p***ing off the purists - I’m with Cisco!


get it up yea purist scum. could do with a chop proper tough.

I love it. Indeed chop it and drop it :smiley:


Bit like a UVA Shogan - a plastic estate kit for a Bug made back in 80’s.

You don’t see many about these days, but that Bay Van mod looks way-y-y cooler! B)
Why not s-t-r-e-t-c-h it an extra Bay side window too (chopped of course!)…? :rolleyes:

Don’t really like that. The back is a bit wierd

Wheaay COOL…

Good use for dead bugs and buses

Love to see more pics??? Wonder how it looks from the back???

How about doing that to a nice Ghia like mine??? Now that would upset the Purists.

:smiley: :axe :smiley: chop … chop…chop… :axe

I like chop…chop…chop, but with a ghia…mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :think
might be interesting, anyone good with photo-CHOP?

fancy one of them, some ghia chops in progress on volksrods B)