bug door cards for sale

one set of door cards i bought at biggar they are black with a blue fleck they cost me £35 for the set they are still in the bag im open to offers

oh ive also got a set of standard black door cards pocket in drivers side the back ones are there as well they are all in good condition offers again

i take it there for a bug

oops sorry yes they are for a bug :o and ive just changed the listings thanks for pointing out my error :o

I might take the cards and wings from you. I’ve got a 1970 1300 in a lockup that will be coming out soon. I think I need wings and know I need door cards. Don’t know about the colour though.

give me a call if you want to meet and see the cards ive e-mailed you my number

Will do but it won’t be till next W/E now. Work down south at the Moment.

ok thats fab hear from you soon

still for sale

What year are they for as i need ones for a '65

my bugs a 69 but i think they will fit an earlier bug. if you are going to the bleather i can bring them and let you see