bug for sale

i pass a bug on the way to work in livi everyday in wilkieston on the a71. just noticed it is up for sale. don’t know anything about but looks in good condition if anyone is interested

is that the yellow one that is parked on main road next to the shop

Think I know that one, got some nice wheels on it, damn think never seems to move, everytime I’ve passed it looks as though it aint shifted

aye its the yellow one with the nice wheels. it seems to be there most of the time

your right m8, iv seen it often over the years and it never looks as though it has moved anywhere,
be interesting to see how much he was selling it for

it doesn’t say how much it is, only a phone number. I will try and get it to post if i get caught at the traffic lights tomorrow!!!

It does move as I’ve seen it parked up at holyrood park quite a lot. the wheels are smiths turbos and look ace!!!

i phoned for it couple of months ago told wanting around the 2 k mark its a good un though !!