Bug / Golf Mk2 bits for sale Coatbridge Lanarkshire

1966 D plate chassis - restored -new floorpans, new framehead. Rolling chassis complete with 5 stud wheels, g/box, front beam etc. Would make a resto of someones a lot easier. Anyone interested? Complete with new V5. Reg CXS 715D.
Also have a quantity of panels - heater channels, framehead plates, bumper mounts etc. Also engines, boxes, sloping lights and wings, old engine lid and various later doors, glass, bumpers, towbar, lights, bonnets, towel rails etc etc. I have emigrated to slightly faster Golf Mk2 GTi’s for which me and a mate also have lots and lots of bits incl engine, full cars, gearboxes, big / small bumper, grills, Jetta front ends etc etc.