Bug Jam

Anyone going down to Bug Jam

We’ve been giving it a little consideration over the last few days but I doubt the Bus will be ready in time… not to mention the fact that it’s probably best not to make her first journey in a number of years an 800 mile round trip. :huh:

i fancy going down to that,

did you say 800 mile round trip? :lol: think i might be better leaving the bug and take the car down

It might be less than 800 miles, that was just a guestimate… 'cause I drive all zigzaggy. :rasp

if i remember correctly it was about 700 mile round trip last year and was well worth it

Can’t think of a better way to break in a new car, van, engine, gearbox, suspension, wheels, stereo, etc. than a good long cruise to a show like Bug Jam! It’s what owning a V-Dub’s all about innit…? :smiley:

couldnt disagree with you there Alex thats what i done last year

going to book my tickets this week and put in for the friday holiday


you taking the bug down Mark

yes im gonna take the bug down,think you and Alex are right as if your going got to be with the bug

should be a laugh,

anyone else up for it?


:frowning: nope - workin’ :frowning:
Enjoy yersels lads! :stuck_out_tongue:
Watch out for bottle police (tinnies are ok) and don’t camp too close to the ubiquitous gang of crusties with a transit, generator and all night sound system (unless you like happy hardcore and speed garage til dawn!)

cheers for the heads up on that Alex

anyone else booking?