Bug Repaint Costs

whats the average cost to get a bug repainted? im going to attempt it myself but if the outcome is grim i may have to bite the bullet and pay a profecional, so any recomendations anyone to avoid please tell all.

hi there mate i can recommend lothian breakways in dalkieth ,when i was looking for paint the where the cheapest around, friendly and mix it while you wait. are you going to paint it in cellulose i guess, if not then you’ll need a booth and all the right gear ,in which case just get a paint shop to do it, around £450 or so.
paint it with cellulose ,(more thin layers better than trying to apply too much , just causes runs ), give it awhile and then tcut with braso gives a good finish. good luck

A friend of mine did my purplebug and it cost a few hundred more than the above quote (full colour change and repairs at mates rates :slight_smile: ). Paint quotes will depend on if its just a quick blow over you want, whether its with windows in or out, if it needs repairs (good painters will spot things you may not). Colour choice will matter as chameleon colour flipping paint is 10x the price of normal paint. My van is now away getting painted and its a full windows out and repairs done. You may get something done for £450 but unless its done by a good mate I’d reckon on about £850 and above for a good job. I was once quoted around £1000 to £1200 for a full respray at Springfield coachworks in Loanhead, my mates car is just back from there with a very nice looking job done on it so i’d give them a recomendation. If you want me to have a word with my mate about a quote from him let me know how you get on. I’ve always fancied trying it myself but you can’t beat a professional job oven baked.

highly recomend springfield motors in loanhead, they done a top class job on my bug. price would depend on what is needing done. give them a buzz or take your motor along.


thanks chaps :smiley:

ive just been told about a chap in pennycuik who is supposed to be good and not to pricy i am going to investigate and will let you know my findings :slight_smile:

ive just had a quote of £350 to paint my bug inside and out if i deliver it with no windows that includes all rubbing down and repairs sounds to good to be true i think i will need to see some of his work first

£350 sounds damn good to me, I’d drive spongebob down with no windows or lights etc for that kinda money.

£350?? sounds too cheap mate,on the other end of the coin a top show job is nearer 3k :lol:

i know what you are saying about being to cheap but i think i am going to bite the bullit and get him to paint the bug but not till the end of november :o
so i suppose that gives me time to change my mind but i dont think i will :huh:

You have a compressor, paint it yourself, or give it to me to paint mine, will be a step up from the aerosols I was intending using :slight_smile:

I have a good contact in the Falkirk area. The guy has low overheads, purpose built premises but does it to keep busy!!! He specializes in horse boxes which are normally to show standard for people with loads of money!!! But his cars are mint…

and i thought the horses were the attractions at the shows not the boxes :think LOL

lols… not these days… it whos got the fancy box… ooooh er!!!

I am surprised that no one has mentioned Sam at PFP, I thought he was the main man and had done a lot of the cars in the club :huh:

£350 seems hell of a cheap… last VW Golf i had painted the materials alone cost £250…

I`ve had a £370 paint job done in the past, looked excellent when done but only lasted 12months before rust bubbles started appearing…

Have also painted a few VWs myself, 1st one in celly - which was a right pain, last couple I painted in 2k, just did it in my garage.... and they turned out really good.... - although Im not saying you should use 2k paint without the proper breathing equipment…

As most people say… all the money for good/top end paint job goes into the prep… the actual painting hardly takes any time at all…

If your going to prep it yourself takes as much time as you can allow… use aersols to give you a good idea, primer first then a light coat of black and then rub it all down again - showing all the small imperfections…

Sam at PFP did my shell and you can see the results in the album area (click on tab at the top).

The finish is very good and the colour choice (a very tricky metallic) didn’t make it easy.

I think his prices are very fair for the amount of work involved. The quality of prep shows in the finish.

If you want to spend more money, consider K&I at Dalkeith or MRM (very good) in town.

But the best in area (my opinion) is the bodyshop at Belmont garage in Whitegraig. You may laugh but these guys are
very good and are the place of choice for Astons, ferraris etc. You wouldn’t think it by looking at the car lot tho.

However, these premium places are used to accident repairs and more modern cars. I couldn’t be certain how they would deal with rust removal and large scale restoration, it’s not their speciallity. Thats why I went with PFP, cause he knows all about VWs and doing the major panel work. I also had a budget to keep! (sort of).


my car hasnt got much in the way of rust on the body or anywhere else so i think as long as the preps ok the rest should be fine. i may even do the prep myself and just pay to get the colour put on. best liad plans and all that :smiley: