Bus Owners and V5s

What is your Bus called on your V5/V5C?

under model/type mine reads MOTOR CARAVAN/MOTOR CARAVAN

Mine currently reads “Passat Motor Caravan”. :o

I just noticed as I’m sending it to DVLA for my new-style V5C and figured that, after 31 years of it being wrong, it was time to make an appropriate amendment. I was just wondering what the “official” line might be as far as V5 naming is concerned. :huh:

If you can bear it, just stick with that wierd description as DVLA are a shower of numpties at this naming game!
Years ago I wanted my 1303S listed as one, not a 1302S. Now I’ve got a 1302S - guess what it’s listed as?
Tried changing it on V5 new owner part of form when I bought it, but no - it still came back wrong…
However, I don’t think the law worry about it too much - as long as it’s legal where it counts! :mellow:

PS. Eva is a ‘Motor Caravan’ (2-axle-rigid-body) but if they saw her right now I doubt they’d agree… :lol:

My model/type is listed as MOTOR CARAVAN 4 DOOR SALOON