can glass just break?

I got up this morning to find that the front section of my passenger side window, the seperate triangular sort of bit…probably got a name, but i don’t know it…
I thought at first that someone might have tried to break in, but it doesn’t look like it, only a wee hole in the glass…and shattered. there is no other damage to the car and i got thinking that perhaps the glass shattered in the heat of the sun. Is that possible? Also to replace that bit do I just by that section and screw it in? or do I get Autoglass or someone out to replace it like they would a windscreen?

I suppose its possible that the glass could just break in the heat.
Do you have glass cover on your insurance? if so how much do you have to pay? If its £30, I’d let the insurance take care of it, if its £100 I’d be off down to the scrappies.
Is this on your Beetle or something else?

sounds like a drive by shooting!! and your gonna leave a saab cabbie round there :o

Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.

Put it down to the nice weather, not that i would want the rest of your windows to crack in the heatwave we are supposed to be getting at weekend

Sounds more like some one shot at it with an air gun or something. Never heard of glass just breaking especially with a nice wee hole in the middle.