car books not vw

just had a rake and found a load of car books ive got haynes manuals for mk1 escort 68 to 74, ford anglia 105e & 123e 59 to 68, morris minor 1000 all models 56 to 71, also bma auto book three that covers austin cambridge morris oxford ma magnette riley1.5 and wolsely 15/50 1500,an inter europe workshop manual for mk1 cortina 62-66, also a pearsons car service book for an austin a40 farina,an other 105e workshop manual this time by, an owners hand book for mk1 cortina, a mk1 cortina sales broture that folds out into a poster, introduction to tuning by martyn watkins, the book of ford cortina,corsair and classic to 1970, a sunday times publication on the ford consul cortina from 62, and finaly the book of cortina,corsair,classic and capri all models to 66 by pitmans motorists library. make me an offer on one or the lot wave.gif

1P any advance

a quid

Wrong forum I think mate ! :lol:

Try registering wi a classic Ford / Leyland owners forum, or

Or get 'em on E-bay for chance of better cash dude… :thumb:

there are lots of people that like other makes of vehicle i know its hard to believe :rolleyes:

I like plenty other brands of dodgy old banger too Dude - that’s why I enjoy the banter on autoshite! :thumb:
Also, was thinking you might get more cash (but probably not crisps) for 'em on E-bay… heehaw.gif