car for sale in penicuik on ebay

i see this car running around penicuik regularly its actually ok dont be put of by the pics on ebay a good clean and polish it would be a good wee car

i know its my mates sisters car.i thought she would have at least cleaned it up a bit…told her to list it better as well.

It misses the tax exempt window and its only the base 1200 making it not very desireable

That’s a bit like saying that Bays & Wedges are crap and the only van to have is a Splitty…
Spread the love, man.

no no no not desireable NOT crap. I adore all aircooled VW’s some are better than others.
In fact bay windows are prototypes for Type 25 which are much better vehicles but Splittys are the original type 2 and i am gutted that they are now so unaffordale for most of us.
I would stop at the roadside to help any aircooled VW

Quote" I adore all aircooled VW’s some are better than others"


so a tax exempt piece of crap is better than a tax paying minter

very logical to me

not wrong with paying tax!!! :lol: though i’d rather not lol.

for all tax is although i would rather not pay it. myself
6mths @ £63.25 and
12 mths @ £115.00
not a lot but really ever vehicle over 25 or less should be free but thats for another thread another day…
good luck with the sale…

All so sensitive. Worst of all is a tax paying piece of crap!
What i am trying to say is that tax exempt Beetles are more sort after and a 1974 Beetle is no different to a 73 except one is tax exempt the other isn’t. the Beetle that is for sale in Penicuik is at the lower end of the market being in need of extensive repairs and refurbishment. If you are going to buy a Beetle in that state then it would be better to seek out a tax exempt one.
I agree if you have a minted 1974 beetle that is totally reliable and rust free then the tax issue is irrelevant but if its a banger then its another story.
Chill Chill i have a tax paying Karmann Cabriolet and a tax exempt 1967 Beetle and i love them both, never dream of selling the Karmann because tax is payable as it in great condition. It will be for sale next month though in the hope that the warm weather will attract a buyer once its new roof is on.
I’m off now to licence my T4 as the tax runs out at the end of the month, you can do it on line now its great you don’t even notice the money’s gone!

greasegod - 2007-04-18 10:38 PM

All so sensitive. Worst of all is a tax paying piece of crap!

AH…reminds me of my old 1303 :smiley:

greasegod - 2007-04-18 12:24 PM

It misses the tax exempt window and its only the base 1200 making it not very desireable

Nowt undersireable about a 1200, built to last, the original engine (pretty much) will do 70 done the motorway without getting too hot (right Nick?), and give you 30 mpg.

I agree entirely twin port engines are no way as near as reliable but the humble 1200 is still not as desireable. and this one got more oil on the outside than in

greasegod - 2007-04-18 10:38 PM

the Beetle that is for sale in Penicuik is at the lower end of the market being in need of extensive repairs and refurbishment.

it needs a good clean and polish !

I take it you’ve been to look at it Simon?

well at least this has people reading the post ! you never know might help generate interest in the sale !

Yes I’ve been to see it and as you ask i’ll give you my opinion. i have owned 10’s of Beetles, Ghia’s and buses so i do know a wee bit about them.
Firstly the Beetle is in a bad way, clean and polish is not what i would say the Bug needs. I went to see it as i had seen it knocking about for a while and i am looking for a run about whilst i try and sell my Karmann.
The Beetle has had a lot of poor standard welding, it needs metal repairs to the following areas:
both rear suspension mounts are shot, allowing water into the boot. The rear corners (heater channel closing plates) are very bad allowing water into the floor. The bottom of the door hinge pillars have bodge weld repairs and i would assume that before these repairs were done lots of water would have gone into the heater channel and these will be very weak. the running boards are very loose and crusty and the sills will be required. the front spare wheel well has been crumpled in the past and beaten out, its not a great repair. the rear quarters are full of filler and very rusty at the base.
Every piece of rubber on the car, window rubbers, door rubbers etc are cracked and need replacement. the exhuast has a massive hole in it. the engine has so much oil underneath and i know Beetles leak oil but this is excessive. The steering wheel has been hand painted. the drivers seat has a broken back and is unsafe to drive with. the carpets are shot and non existent in some places. There is heavy rust on some areas of the paintwork, bottom of doors and headlights. the bumpers have been handpainted in black.
I offered a price for the car and would strip it to a shell and start again if i bought it. There are not too many good points about the car i am sorry to say and i am sorry if this upsets anyone but this is my honest opinion and as its a club site i am telling others so they can take my advise and bin it or see the car with a view to buying it as a restoration project and make up their own mind.

maybe a post like your last one the first time would have been better :lol:

PS good luck selling your LHD tax paying cabby LOL :wink:

Yes its all got out of hand i just originally said that it wasn’t the most desireable model it appears to have set emotions going and in the end i’ve just now given my opinion on the car after i went to see it. Rachael seems a nice lass, I hope she gets what she wants for it but i have seen loads of folks buy real bad cars for silly money and if this prevents that then so be. But in the end its Buyer Beware. I would never buy a car without seeing it first especially if its 33 years old.

Stanford Hall anyone?

Hey simon great review on the car, rach tried to sell me the car last year for 1800. and i thought mmmm maybe no, how much did you offer her if u dont mind me asking. as at the time if i had 1800 i would have bought it as i dont know that much about bugs, apart from i want one lol.

cheers tam