Carb for sale

twin webber 32/36 carb new gaskets filter and linkage £100


how much of a difference does it make to a 1600cc?
what is the carb jetted for and any missing or faulty parts?

hi. this carb is still fitted to my 1600,my bug has only been used for a couple of outings after a 5 year rebuild.first big run was falkirk to crail and back,then to flotterstone,then the big one bugjam and back,my last trip was i can only say it works well on my 1600,good fuel consumption can still see and hear the carb before i take it off.i am putting my twin kadrons back on only cos they are brand new and cost me £350.i was having engine trouble so i put the webber on,turned out my dizzy was at fault. thanks for your interest frank.

seen it at Hawes , there is nothing wrong with that engine , nice the carb looked good and so did the bug with the rodding theme B) .

maybe a chop chop chop

i have a spare roof

Frank’s Bug engine certainly idled nicely from a cold start outside the Hawes that night.
It’s about the only decent single carb (one carb - two chokes) conversion for a flat four in my opinion.
Slobbo had one fitted to his 1800 engined Viking Bay Camper years ago and it drove pretty damn well!
Also read a few old road tests from American V-dub mags that raved about this set-up for a 1600/1700/1800 Van compared to stock Solex versions… B)

im really looking for twin carbs but have seen a few of these forsale lately do they still suffer from carb iceing as much as the standard setup .
and do they give much more power.