Carburettor service

Any recommendations on who to go to for servicing a carb from a 1970 Beetle. Edinburgh (ish) area. Many thanks.

I always used to recommend Gary Burgess, but he has a different job now as an undertaker, and has limited time to work on cars these days. Its not a big job to service a carb by using a gasket kit. The stock one is very simple. However the main problem is wear on the spindle. Which tends to require a new carb.

Cheers Keith.

I’ve had it ultrasonically cleaned and have ordered a rebuild kit.

Fingers crossed.

Where did you get the carb cleaned.

Looks like there are a few placed that can overhaul a worn spindle bush these days. One I’ve seen is Cogbox. However, you can buy some new brass spindle bushes on ebay if they are worn and do it yourself.