Carburettor Tuning

Hi all

I’m looking for recommendations on folk who can tune dual carbs in or around Edinburgh?

There are few old threads on here, so really this is opening up and old query, but basically looking to get my stock dual solex carbs (on 2 ltr CU Type 4 Engine) tuned up properly as part of an engine rebuild. For economy and smooth running over performance.

I’m weighing up the options of spending the time and pain needed to learn how to do it myself v paying someone to do it for me. I’ve long ago learnt that there are some jobs where it’s really worth paying for expertise and experience, and I suspect this is one of them.

Hi there. I took my Karmann Ghia to a place called Car Craft Scotland and had the engine tuned among other things. The owner, Neil Jeffrey served his apprenticeship on air cooled VW’s back in the day and is a font of knowledge. I can recommend him.

In Broxburn !

Thanks Bill, good shout.

Hi all

Just bumping up this query, as can’t get a response out of Car Craft, email or phone!

Any other recommendations, or for that matter anyone have the kit to test dual carbs and/or would be happy to come and balance them for me in return for monies or parts??


You could maybe try Davie @Solway_Campers he is sometimes up this way and I’m sure he could get you sorted.

DTH at Tillicoultry.