Chassis Blasting

Hi All

Can anyone recommend someone who does blasting need my Ghia Chassis done before fitting new pans.

Regards Sam.

theirs a place in dalkieth does blasting ,will look number out…or will speak to you at selkirk…

How you doing Paul we met at East Fortune a few months back. Are you ging down to Selkirk for the week-end.



Unit 10c, Newbattle Abbey College Annexe, Newbattle Rd, Dalkeith, EH22 3LJ - 0131 660 9699
they do blasting and powdercoating …yes i will be going up fri afternoon to selkirk…i take it you making the big step on the ghia now?

Yeah got the chassis down to nothing,just about to order pans,looks like i may try and get rust free shell if possible.

Will be down at Selkirk Fri evening see ya then.

Thanks for the info.

Regards Sam.