christmas lights

do you think this would annoy the neighbours?? :lol:

ps turn the sound on on your comp

Oh how I want them, if only it was real!!!

Excellent! :lol:
Hope his speakers are the size of his garage doors!
…Oh, they are his garage doors, fair enuff… :mellow:

COOL :lol: :lol: :lol:

oh for droadband i got fed up waiting on it loading so im still in the dark :axe

bugtastic - 2005-12-06 8:39 PM

oh for droadband…

It’s not ‘droadband’ you need - try ‘druidband’ first - tribal drumming and stuff, then progress to dragonsong… :lol:

Zappally - 2005-12-06 12:41 AM

Oh how I want them, if only it was real!!!

What makes you think it’s not? I’d say it was definitely real. Ridiculously elaborate for someone’s house but perfectly possible.

It could have been done using still pic, like how they make wallace and gromit.

I thought this because some of the scenes are a bit jumpy! just an idea

It’s not stop frame animation as the lights quickly fade out when they go off over a few frames. It would be easier just to program the light show than go to that much trouble to do a stop frame animation. :lol:

And, if you look really, really closely, you’ll see the light on the house alarm flashing every second or so and never going out of rhythm throughout the whole video. That’s way too much detail to be a hoax! :o

Ni, as one who’s been recently accused of being particularly sad by a fellow Splitty owner - I think you need some of yer own Santa’s juice! Get some J.D. down ya and chill matey… :lol:

It’s all over now, the owner has switched off his display 'cause some fool had an accident while driving past it. Oh, and this confirms the display’s authenticity, too. Time for some JD… :lol:

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