chrome wiper arms,where from?

Hi all

looking for chrome wiper arms,where would be the best place to get them?


tada - Exterior then wiper products

You could try Heritage or Status too?

didnt expect them to be cheap but thought they might have been cheaper,
any idea of price if i was to take them somewhere that would chrome them?

Heritage & Status only do black or silver no chrome.

If it was me I’d strip the ones I had & break out the polishing kit for my drill and do it myself & spend the rediculous amount they want for them on something else

do you think you can just polish the ones on the car up?didnt really think of that


I don’t see why not, you’d need to strip them of any kind of finish, then you could polish them up.

I’ve done this kind of thing to wheels etc before, it’s not that hard just perhaps tedious but… it’s a damn site cheaper than £80 for a set of chrome ones that probably wouldn’t last all that long in our wonderful climate anyway.

All you’d have to do is give them a good clean/polish every now n them & if using during winter give them a damn good covering of WD40 or something to keep that nasty salt n weather out :rasp