Club Car Badge for sale

Happy Bidding!

Up to £19, not bad so far.
OK Seamonsta, how many people are watching it?

Well, only 3 watchers so far, and I personally know ‘easyvan’ with the £19 high bid so far… :zip

I would be tempted but unfortunately I really need to spend every penny I have on other things for bob at the moment :’(

Indeed. It’s a handsome badge but too rich for my meagre pocket. :frowning:

Right, lets try it with a boilersuit!

i was watching and then i forgot :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

i was watching and did bid a tenner but i forgot when it finished or i might have put in another bid :huh:

Sold - to a Club Member - £19! :smiley:
A Club Boilersuit will be listed Tuesday 4th pm…

Happy bidding! :slight_smile:

Previous link for the “large” one, follow this for the “medium”:
and this for the “small”:
PS. “Large” size is too small for me, “small” size probably OK for average 14 yr. old…? :think

seamonsta - 2005-10-04 2:30 PM

PS. “Large” size is too small for me

But we knew that already! :lol:

Ah, the perils of volunteering one’s F.B. body shape as a fitting standard… :huh:
I should have said large is actually an ideal “Zappally” size! :lol: