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Alrighty peeps,

Who do I contact about starting my club membership, I was intending waiting till I got paid at the end of the month, but the lovely people that I have insured the beetle with are demanding that I send proof of my club membership in before 3/5/05.

I told them when I inquired bout insurance that I was intending joining the club at the end of april, but they sent me a letter last week saying they wanted proof of membership before they would finalise the deal. I did phone them and state that I told the woman on the phone I wasn’t joining till the end of april & they said “We have given you a discount for being in a club so you need to send proof before the 3/5/05”. I can tell you I’m not really all that happy with their manner but if I was to cancel the policy now I’d loose my deposit, but I’ll sure be thinking twice at the end of the year!

So I need to get in touch with who ever it may be & try and get proof of joining in time to send to the money grabbing buggers.



Hi Ally,

Membership Secretary is Nick Brown.

You can download an application form from the main web site in excel format and send it to Nick. Look for the Join us button. If you need to contact Nick you can get via:

Secretary: Nick Brown 01259 739112, 07712 898633

Membership Forms to Nick Brown, Overton Lodge, Kincardine, FK10 4BS



Thanks to Simon, you’ll get the forms here:

except that they have Nick’s old address.
Send the form to Nick Brown, Overton Lodge, Kincardine, FK10 4BS

Got your form, thank you.
Your membership card, newsletter & sticker will be going in the post tomorrow morning.
The membership card details should do the trick with your insurance people.
Take care,

Thanks very much Nick.

You have email!

Just checked my email Nick, nothing there at the moment.



my email was returned undeliverable…
I’ve sent you a private message on here with a cut & paste of the email.
Take care,