Competition time

To celebrate our new forum and to see who is doing what to their VW’s we have decided to run a competition.

All you have to do is post some pictures of your VW and described what you have done or are still doing during the autumn winter season.

This could be using it as it should be, locked up for the winter while you or someone else has worked on it. It doesn’t need to be ready for the road, it could be in bits in boxes.

The rules are
Post a picture or pictures
Describe what you have or are still in the process of doing
Have fun and hopefully see how easy the new forum is to use
The committee will pick the best post and issue you with a lovely prize.

Good luck and happy posting

Before and after

I wanted to lift the car up as the adjustable beam I had made the bug too low when there was two people in the front even though it was at its highest setting.

So the old beam has been swaped with another adjustable beam but this time a lot mare adjustable height allowed.
One picture is too low for my liking with 5 1/2 wide wheels and the other is a bit high but I have still to fit the shocks and workout the perfect height so I can avoid speed bumps ,so probably a few week of driving and adjusting and I’ll be ready for the shows and events ahead.

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Well this winter I really didn’t get much done, 1 job I did manage was to replace the broken brake pedal spring ! Not a job I was looking forward to !
While I was at it I thought I’d change the accelerator and clutch cable at the same time. Before


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Hi everyone, I’ve just joined the club and although I never did a lot to the car over the winter I did change the number. As you can see it is a full description of the car in the number, Karmann Ghia, Type 14 and E for 1967 !


Welcome Bill lovely looking VW you’ve got there and clever use of the number plate.
Hopefully see the Ghia sometime.

Welcome to the club @Bill_H nice ghia !

Decided to convert my ignition to pointless electronic ignition , using a flamethrower coil and a petronix ignitor and finished it of with a new dizzy cap and rotor arm.
After a tweaking the timing it runs much smoother and performance is much sharper. All in all a worthwhile upgradem


Looks like you’ve been busy Tom

Lovely looking car Bill

Looking good Tom

After my rocker failure on no.4 cylinder I took the engine out of the beetle to sort it out.

I had to strip the fan cowl off to get the twin manifold off before I could drop the engine.
The Exhaust valve stem is damaged, need to replace it!
While I am waiting for parts I thought I would tidy up the wiring especially around the dash.
Hope I can remember where it all goes!

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Good to see your keeping yourself busy Joe!

Good luck Joe!! Looks like you’ve got some work ahead of you.