congratulations to gee and viv now mr and mrs Ketchen :beers: :thumb: biggrin.gif

congratulations dancinnanagif.gif dancinnanagif.gif
gee and viv well done

well dne guys all the best !


yep, congrasts to you both.
all the best for the future.

Happy Days dancinnanagif.gif CONGRATULATIONS to you both and all the best for the future guys. :beers:

congratulations dancinnanagif.gif

Woooohoooo Happy Days!!!
:beers: :thumb:

Hope you guy’s had a great day, sorry i missed the evening bash all the best from me and Fi. :beers: dancinnanagif.gif

Congratulations indeed, all the best,


dancinnanagif.gif dancinnanagif.gif dancinnanagif.gif dancinnanagif.gif dancinnanagif.gif

Congratulations. Hope you had a great day. :beers:

Gary and Sarah.

As they said! :thumb:
All the best Gee & Viv! dancinnanagif.gif

So does this mean Gee’s English now? :rasp :rs :lol:

Congratulations…you’ve been and gone and done it now…WELL DONE dancinnanagif.gif :lol: :beers:

thanks to everybody :beers: Gee
Thanks to you Barry, and to all the good wishes you’ve all posted it was a great day. biggrin.gif