not really a technical question, but it wouldn’t be right in general discussion!

Having got rid of the very badly fitting after market seat covers in my '76 bug, I have faced with vinyl seats and the horror memories of hot summers in a Vauxhall Viva of my childhood!
Anyone got any ideas for sources for decent other ones?

what i did was get a set of recarro’s from an rs turbo and used the vw sub frames took an afternoon for each seat to weld and bolt up got front and back for £90 so not too bad you could pm jig’s as he had a lovely pair of seats for sale recently don’t know if still got them tho

Thanks, but I want to keep it original(without the flesh on vinyl hot day thing :frowning:

there is a few people advertising covers on ebay that look good value thats proper strip off youre originals and fit new ones not run of the mill seet covers god that still doesnt sound rite oh you know whjat i meen :rolleyes: