crazy fatherless child
fastback chopchop

i checked out the hotrod fastback…thats one cool machine!!!

its cool for sure. the whole site is full of great stuff.

that fasty is cool. fancy another choppin project mark?

my chopped roadster is coming on a treat…windscreen frame is finished…7" high…or should i say low…hebmuller style rear…no cataloy in this mutha…

sounds good mate. we’ll ned to catch up , if your still looking for some spares , i don’t know for sure what you need but nope i can help,I’m still keen on a beam extension.
I’ve been thinking i’d like to go for as little catty as possible but i’m not very good and the old body work so there will plenty used, also starting to wish i’d tubed the top edge instead of fibre glassed but i’m working with a very tight budget, with the other vw stuff i have on the go and baby Maisie too, i’m keen to come have a peek sometime if thats cool . i’ve been meaning to call, just been sooo busy .

heres one for you mark, cool name too.

yeah man i’ve seen the death rod before , me likes it alot. it comes up to your knees when you stand beside it , nuts, and as the name suggests i imagine driving it would feel like you where close to death.

hi mark, im of all next week ,i could drop by if it suits…see wot spares you have.a beam extension is no prob…i can build in a drop so no need to lower the beam. george.