Cross the waves blether

Is anyone organising a cruise over to Kingdom blether?

There’s an extra blether organised for next Wed, a joint LVWC & Kingdom meet.

You can find more details in the calendar

I’m up for a Cruise to Queensferry. Bizarre but true.
Where do we reckon for a starting point?

Unfortunately I’ll be working till 21:30 so I don’t see myself making it

I’d love to meet up with everyone but I’d probably have to be in my car - non VW-group - and I’d feel a bit out of place.

If anyone is up for a cruise down there, meet up on the downhill side of the Mound, opposite the art galleries, heading towards Princes Street at 7.00pm. Cruise along Princes Street towards Haymarket, turn right onto Manor place, make your way though Belford to Queensferry Road then out through Blackhall and Barnton to the Hawes at Queensferry. See you there.

nice one Alan ill be up for the cruise if im not working, iv just got to find out where the art galleries are now :think

think i know where they are

princess street closes tonight or sunday to all cars,its only going to be buses taxis and bikes both ways from now on.
think you need another starting point or you could go straight over the mound upto george street then head to charlotte square and onto shandwick place but people might find it difficult getting to the bottom of mound with new restrictions


Yes, just realised this morning that the Edinburgh Con-jestion Wallahs have been up to their latest jape. I still think we should start from the Mound and then cross Princes Street and make our way down to Stockbridge and then to Blackhall, Barton etc. Maybe have a regroup opposite the Blackhall shops before heading to Queensferry.

i think you townies are trying hard to confuse us country bumpkins.

is there a LVWC road map for Dummies?

Please excuse the graphics but if you can make it out then this is the way to go -

Who needs SatNav ? !