Cruise to Blether

Anyone up for a cruise to the blether Wednesday night if the weather is favourable

Count me in, come rain or shine. Give me a shout and will get you at Lizzie Brice


IF (and it’s a big if!) I get away from work sharp I might join you chaps. What time would you be leaving lizzie brice?

about 7.30 should be time enough since no one else has posted, no need to go to pc world we can just head in the 71 and down the bypass

c u there.


Only just in from work so will probably not make half seven, see you at the blether!

Good Turn out tonight at Blether, nice to see some new faces

yip good turn out, good to meet you colin

Cheers Jigs and happy St Patricks day
Won’t be down tomorrow but hope to turn out for the one after that.

Got a nice and easy first camp sorted - to the Deerstalker event.
Nice and easy cause I’m definetely not running around in the dark and neck deep in mud and stream heehaw.gif