Cruise to Mellerstain on Sunday

If anyone is intersested in a wee cruise down to Mellerstain on Sunday, I’ll be leaving the Old Dalkeith High School (its on the main road - A68) at 0915 if anyone cares to join me.

Alrighty, if everything goes to plan I’ll be joining you on the cruise. I have no idea where the old scholl is but I’ve been down the A68 loads n loads of times so I’ll keep an eye out for you.

The Old High School is past the town centre on the left, just before you cross the river and start to climb the hill again.,667250&st=4&ar=Y&mapp=newmap.srf&searchp=newsearch.srf

Hope to see you there.

Although I can tell you if the damn weather doesn’t clear up the only place I’ll be going is over to my garage!


Phew - I just spent SIX HOURS today washing, power rinsing, engine cleaning, T-cutting and Mer polishing the black beauty Op.B (even in the showers - well, a drop of water helps apparently!) and still only managed to get the roof, bonnet & engine lid done! :huh: Believe me - if this is what’s required everytime I want a shiny Bug, it’s Rat-Look all the way for me…
Anyway, I’m all ready for the off tomorrow - probably with a fresh collection of rain dust and bird poo by 8am! :rs
Dalkeith Old Skool at 9:15 it is then chaps… :smiley:

see you there

see you at the school


A last word on Mellerstain:
It pissed down the day before, the ground was too wet/soggy to support the cars, the arena events were cancelled because they had to use that to accomodate vehicles, it took us an hour to get in because cars were stuck in the mud, it didn’t rain much on the day, there were some fantastic cars there, I got the chance to meet and chat with old friends, I saved a fortune, I had a great time, I’ll go again next year.
See you there.

Fair comment - I enjoyed it too after about a ten year absence! Cruise was good, and always an interesting display of classics and weird parts for sale. :slight_smile:
Just don’t ask for crackling in yer pork roll if you wanna keep yer teeth… :zip