Cutting out straight after choke finishes, idle!!

Hi all, please be gentle, just bought my first VW.

1973 Type 2 Camper, starts first time everytime. Automatic choke works, then as soon as choke does it job the engine cuts out. Keeps going if accelerator is used but cuts out as soon as accelerator not used. Is it Idle cut off valve, timing or carb.

Where to begin?

Apart from giving the van a basic service - plugs, points, timing etc. check for any air leaks on the vacuum hoses between the carb and the dissy, they are thin hard plastic hoses but the rubber joining pieces perish and let in air.
Bring the bus to a club meet and have numerous heavy handed enthusiasts help!

make sure the idle screw is not fully out! mine was doing this after havin carb full of crap. had to remove and blow it all out, jets etc. it them ran perfect…ish!!! :lol: