Cutting out

Hi there,

Okay, so have been out quite a bit lately taking advantage of this fantastic weather, but have noticed that my van decides to cut out if I have to break and come to a halt. Doesn’t matter how gentle or hard I break, it seems to do it 7 out of 10 times. Any thoughts on why this is happening?

Also, the van usually idles very well at low revs and is quiet, but have noticed it will cut out now and again - I think they may have something to do with the same as above?

Any suggestions would be most welcome.


I had this problem on a peugeot 205. If i was rolling down a hill to stop at a junction, it would cut out. I think it ended up being the fuel pump? Good luck!

Sounds more like a declutching problem. When you brake you disengage the clutch, as there is no mechanical action from the tyres rolling on the road, the engine is disengaged .Without the engine being forced to run on, it is up to your fuel/air mixture and electrics to keep it running. if any of these are poor it can result in poor or very lean running. Inspect your fuel flow pipes and replace and use inline filter, this gives you a window into your fuels condition. Check your electrics -points and condenser(worth replacing as a matter of course)-if they are ok then check your timing it’s maybe a little to retarded. If you have a 009 replace with a standard distributor, to have a 009 on a bus is silly, it’s not a race car. The vacum advance in the original is there for a reason, so won’t have a flat spot when accelerating. Once you’ve checked and set all this and it’s all the same it’s probably carb related, the carb will need ajusted to run at the right ratio of mixture for your engine also check the choke is operating correctly. If it’s still doing this check for air and exhaust leaks on inlet and outlet manifolds.
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This is only advice as i can’t see your engine it may well be something obvious to the eye

Hi Hernandez,

Thank you for all your tips there. I am still very much an amateur when it comes to engines and mechanics and somewhat scared that I do more damage than good if I start tinkering with the things you suggest. I am off on holiday in the van to Granton-on-Spey, beginning of July and would want to have this sorted before I go if it is going to create more problems if I don’t fix it.

Would this cost a lot to get fixed at a garage or someone in the forum who I can pay and hopefully learn from?

I see you have posted lots about the vans you have had, but was not sure if you do this as a living full time or as an expensive hobby?

Thanks again for your advice - much appreciated.


Bit of both, Bring it round to my garage and i’ll take a wee look for you. Advice is free and if it’s something simple i’ll show you how to DIY. Plus always happy to meet new vw dafties :rasp heehaw.gif
I’m in cowdenbeath high street 2nd left after the iron railway bridge, up Alley between to shops, if your comming from the motorway end. Gives a call beforehand to make sure i’m in
Cheers Jim :beers:

Cheers Jim,

Will give you a call next week if that’s alright - maybe Monday or Thursday?


No problemo, welcome to the world of hippy transport, this time next year you’ll be an expert on fixing your van with bailing wire and gaffer tape heehaw.gif