Dead 1600 options

Another newbie bus boy here, even though I am a refugee from the world of Landies.

Anyway a couple of things I could do with help on. Apologies if the answers are elsewhere but I have had a good look. I have a 1600 1978 Type 2 with an engine that won’t start or turn, and now I’ve stripped it out of the van it clearly has a punctured crankcase just in front of the oil cooler. Presumably a broken #4 rod and not big, about 5mm max with some rising on the outer! My queries:

1: Given that all else is serviceable can I patch the crankcase with JB weld (or the like) or am I looking at replacing the engine/crankcase. I get the impression elsewhere here that you can but count me an ignoramus!

2: I have an option on a C.1980 2 litre flat four (CU) engine from a type 25 van if I need to replace. It is twin solex carb. Is this a straightforward shoe in to the 1600’s place or are we talking adapter plates, new flywheel etc or what?

3: LPG. If the 1600 is serviceable, then I’ve been getting to thinking what improvements I can spend the spare (ha ha) money on instead. There’s plenty of advice here on upping the bhp but I was contemplating the idea of LPG conversion. Anyone done this on their aircooled? Just a wondering if it’s a long term money saving option for a Bus and how easy fitting a kit is? Costs about £450 it seems.

4: Ohh, and given that I might need grinding or professional measuring done any good machine shops in the Edinburgh area.

Cheers for any guidance

case is dead find another. look for late case from beetle or van any 1200/1300/1600 must have an a prefix on case look for 3 mounting lugs for bar.may not be drilled but that is easy to remidy. 2ltr cu needs flywheel from 1700/1800 van engine to fit along with tinware from t2 bus for the larger engines as t25 is different

I have a 1600 and gear box , both in good order , just dropped out of my spare bus ,the bay fell of a trailer so i bought it for spares ,used some pannels ,and the westie interior ,was going to service the engine and look for a van or beetle minus engine for next project, but bought a good beetle just some body work needed so if your wanting an engine get in touch.
or get a reconed engine

Fitting a healthy 1600 is the easy and obvious thing to do.
But, a T2 is a heavy thing and more power is good…
The CU transplant would be ideal but a bit less straightforward. The engine itself will fit straight onto the existing gearbox although the 1600 gearing will be a little low for the CU. The difficulty will be in finding a complete set of Bay Window 2.0 tinware as its essential to use the right parts.

Decisions, decisions.


I too am pretty new to the air cooled thing, still own an old series landrover though, I just can’t bear to part with it!

As far as the lpg conversion goes, have a look on here:

They have an alternative fuels forum with lots of info on lpg conversions. I have a 2litre type 4 engine fitted into my van, I have never driven a van with a 1600 engine in so I can’t compare. I am happy with the engines performance though. It will sit at 60-65mph on the motorway quite happily, pulls up hill no problem too. It is a bit thirsty though (twin solex carbs) so I have also thought about lpg conversions.

Drew has done an LPG conversion on his bus. Seems to have been succesful.