Is there such as a thing for a demister for a beetle front windscreen, and if so are they easily fitted and how do they work?

if its a non 1303 curved screen invest in a heated from screen. i’ve tried a few plug in blower jobs and all are crap. then again if you repair you heating system to tip top and just have screen vents open it should clear…eventually :smiley:

Beetle windscreens are supposed to be demisted by warm air from the vents at the bottom corner of the screen. However, as we all know, this frequently doesn’t work due to a whole list of possible failures in the system that moves, heats and ducts air to the point where it’s needed most!
However, electrically heated laminated front screens ARE available, and are certainly a godsend for winter driving. Look out for ARVA units wherever possible. I had one fitted by RAC Autoscreens via my insurance after my original heated screen from Heritage VW Parts, a UROGLAS product, cracked rather too easily. At £200 a pop, this is not good, but the ARVA unit survived some heavy handling when fitted by a professional.
Ice and mist are gone within 30 seconds of switching on, but make sure your alternator / dynamo, battery and wiring are all good before fitting - and using! :wink:

an unused heated 1302 windscreen :think i feel a swop happening Alex :smiley:

Well, I may have talked about selling the Bug, but when I get the stock engine back in to make it mobile again I might just find myself wanting to hang on to a wee Bug-shaped winter runabout… :slight_smile:
All those dark months with nowt but a B5 Passat to drive would be kinda borin’ eh…? :wink:

awe i was getting my hopes up there :stuck_out_tongue:

Aye - mebbe I was too! It’s only a B3 Passat I’ve got… :lol: