depressed golf owner, possible head gasket ~:o(

heya everyone happy new year!!!i have some horrible news, i changed the fan in my golf as it kept over heating and boiling over, the fan was worn and was catching on the housing, but this didnt help the problem. when i took it to the garage they told me its possibly the head gasket :o(. So i am just wondering if anyone on here knows a good place for getting my head skimmed if the worst comes to the worst?? hope to hear back soon team


East of Scotland Engineering Ltd
11 Bankhead Drive
Sighthill Industrial Estate
EH11 4EJ(Road Map)
Tel: 0131 458 5456
Fax: 0131 458 5456

These guys recently skimmed our forkies head. Cost £30/£40

Have fun.


superb!! cheers mate!

outta intrest mate, would this company pressure test? and would they give the head a good clean up if i asked nicely?

im sure the symptoms of a car thats got a blown head gasket or very near to will have the following

take the oil filler cap off,if there is like a “mayonaise” stuff on the filler cap its self its a bad sign

also take the water cap/radiator cap off and check inside to see if the waters oily looking ( basically if the oil has started to mix with the water)

hope this helps

I’m not sure what other services they can provide.

Give them a bell.