did anyones lottery numbers come out?


1.1 million euros plus the winning bid?

its not big and its not clever

Ooh, the car is big and clever… but the auction terms definitely are not. :o

Someone enlighten me please? I clicked on the link and got ‘Invalid Item’ page - as in removed or no longer available on E-bay notice.
Not that I’m in with a bloody chance - I had two numbers each on three lines - the most frustrating lottery result going! You’ve actually got all six numbers, but you don’t even win a tenner… :huh:

think e bay have possibly taken it off,it was 1 of they new mclaren mercedes flying machine supercars only 25 built.it looked like bidding with the winning bidder then being able to buy the car for 1.1million euros,a jumping the queue type thing as your bid was a suppliment on top of the 1.1
bidding was at 10k+ last night but did sound a bit dodgy and only said car was in europe


I know what I’d do with £1mill, and it ain’t buyin’ a frickin’ Merc!
It would involve purchase of a modest country house in West Fife, with acres of straight and winding tarmac strip and HUGE heated barn, workshop, spray-booth, shot-blast unit, etc. for all the Sambas, Ovals and Porsche bits to build a few dream projects long overdue! :slight_smile: Oh, and maybe a good used S8 or RS4 for trips to Aldis…