Diesel Eberspacher

For sale D1LC compact Diesel Eberspacher with thermostat, fuel pump, timer and instructions.
Hopefully gonna make the next cruise to flotterstone as i now have a running engine in my van! :lol:

can the heater be seen working? and how much? do you have a tank

I have not installed it since i bought it so have never tried to run it (have no reason to believe it won’t as it was sold to me as working and everything else i bought off the guy worked). Dont’ have a tank for it. Happy to take it back and give full refund if it turns out not to work.

pm sent


Any chance of a copy of the instructions, I have just purchased one without any. There is a beer in it for you :beers:



how much

ye i can get you a copy of the instructions, i’m t-total so a mars bar will do :rasp. kampervan, make me an offer just need to shift the thing now

sent a pm, is the eberspacher still for sale?