discs up front?

are disc brakes up front on a bay normal or has my bus been up graded?don’t know how many times i’ve had the wheels of but i’ve only just relised that it disc brakes thats there fun shit didn’t see them for looking.

Yeh, discs from late 60’s on. And then the larger engines got servos ( so did some 1600’s ).
Your camper should stop hard enough without the servo, unless it really heavily laden.
I had my old 1600 camper laden to the bump stops and the brakes were OK really.

Discs are normal but, if like me your bay was made around 1972, there was a change over period that lasted approx two years when the discs and calipers fitted were unique to this period.
This causes a bit of hassle when buying bits and pieces.

Now that I think about it, I have a set of discs, calipers and spindles etc. on a beam in my shed.
If anyone wants them, the are welcome to come and remove them from the beam (which I’m keeping!).
We might even find a 1302 bonnet that I’m supposed to be looking for!