Discussion re winter

Ok it’s only August, but starting to think about the winter. Will only have my bug but don’t want to waste it with salt, what are people’s views and tips re winter 'dubbing? :think
I know Keith advises keeping it off the road, but how do I get to work?

well we still get nice sunny " cold " days in the winter so when ever i take mine out in the winter if the roads are salty just hose it down especially underneath then dry it, back into the garage and tucked up in its blanket!!!

Don’t have a garage unfortunately, just a proper car cover and a drive :huh:

use the car thats what its for, get the underside protected and it’ll be ok , hose down if its been heavy salt, but enjoy the beast :smiley:

Intend to drive mine throughout the winter but will wash it down (not with a pressure washer though i’ll have no van left ) :huh:

As you all know I park my bugs up for the winter. I’m not the only one mind you. Even after a full resto, my first bug after 3 winters looked well tatty. No matter how much waxoyl and hosing down you do, the salty water spray gets into every nook and cranny and will make all the hard work and cash disolve. But there is good news, with the warmer winter last year in Edinburgh the salt didn’t go onto the roads until November, and by mid march it was gone. Why not buy a cheap bucket with 6 months mot that you dont give a toss about, drive it through the salt for 4 months, and then scrap it, if thats too much you could just get the bus!

Van for the summer, Bug for the winter! B)

Easy choice for me - nae heaters in Van (bar a two ring cooker!)
But, good heaters in Bug

  • heated front screen / custom rear demister / intermittent wiper control switch / waxoyl / fibreglass wings / stainless bolts / M+S tyres / Karcher jet-wash machine available at work… etc.