drive your vw to work day

Hi All

was it just me but all i saw was golfs polos etc etc no campers or beetles


I saw one new beetle but that was it. :axe

Kinda ironic innit? I’ve been waiting years to partake in this ‘event’ and now I’ve got a job involving driving a car to work on a regular basis, I’m on leave when it happens! Thought about going to Leith for a spin anyway, but it wouldn’t really be driving to work would it? :huh:

lol Sods law Alex

Everyday is drive your dub to work day for me these days! :rasp

How’s the job by the way!

Job’s A1 Mate! Tugs and Tug-men are all sound!
Bargain Passat takes most of the commuting strain from my f*cked-up, coughing, spluttering, off-tuned lawnmower engined (as some would have it!) Bug - but I’d love to have arrived at the dockside car-park in it today anyway… :smiley: