Dunfermline Meet

Dunfermline meet Sunday 28th March 1pm onward, Pittencreiff carpark off Carnegie drive. dancinnanagif.gif :thumb:

awesome :slight_smile:

Remember folks, clocks go forward tonight, so meet will be 12pm old time. Look forward to seeing you all there
Kerrys made cakes, we’ll get the kettle on, hope the weather holds out heehaw.gif


Yummy cakes and tea, you can’t resist heehaw.gif

Whooo whooooo, Dunfermline meet today

If only i could sneak on to a helicopter this morning i’d be able to make it! and i’m missing out on cakes too!! Have fun chaps. :thumb:

chittys all round, I’ll send in the Hernandez radar dodging DC12 heehaw.gif

Nae chance of landin that thing on the rig - especially if its got splitty brakes!

Not a bad turn out for the first meet, Next month will hopefully be in the inner carpark as I felt the first should be easy to spot in the outer carpark. Start with a wee cruze round old Dunfy town. Same time, last sunday of the month 1pm, Pittencrieff Park. Pics now

As long as kerry is making the scones again ill be there

Defo be cakes next time, perhaps a wee barbie, Here’s the photo’s


Sorry missed that one, hope to go to the next one if there is one.

Nae worries Campbell, next month it’ll maybe not rain or be cold