E10 fuel

Looks like the government is consulting on options for classic cars. Good!

Another way to try and get rid of classic cars

This is why we all need to get out and enjoy the classics while we can

And fuel under £1 now and we can’t take advantage !

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Will there be an additive for this fuel ie. Just like when they got rid of four star petrol i had to use a lead additive for my metro and mini

Probably. But as long as super unleaded is e5 I would just use that instead.

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E10 has been sold in the states for many years now. There are additives that help. Some stations sell ‘‘pure gas’’ which has nothing in it and comes in 3 grades; 87, 89, and 93 octane. only problem is that the cost is about a dollar more a gallon. My beetle gets better economy with it.

Way out westy recommends this. Cheaper than frost too.