easter weekend

Well wat did you guys get up to this holiday weekend, i had a very interesting and constructive one so far

built new fence in garden built run for guinea pigs, out for a meal last night with lorna apart from that not much

over all a good weekend, altho everythings a little blurry now tho???

Shortened a Chassis, Welded up a rotten frame head and stripped and painted 4 steel wheels (Big shout out to Kwik Fit Morningside who stripped the wheels of tyres, valve’s and weights for free!!)

Good weekend! Got to do a bit more welding tomorrow, and shorten the pan halves ready for fitting.


ssshhhh mr farmer might be reading this !!

Who Sir Tom

I know LOL, I used to avoid Kwik Fit like the PLAGUE, but they even did my last MOT, only charged me £40 for it, and allowed me to take it away for a fortnight to repair, only charging me half for a re-test :slight_smile:

Everyone else wanted to charge me an extra £45 for a new MOT

Work Work and more work

You KNOW you like it!

Went out with the better half on saturday, did little yesterday except visit a few friends & watch ghost rider, just about to head out to the van and pretend i have any sort of wood work skills, I need to get the cabinets sorted. Also scored a free gas bottle for the van & hopefully a nice long 240v hook up cable aswell.

Oh and I managed to convince one set of mates to definately come to Volksfling, they just bought a T25 & some other mates with a jap van may be coming along if he can get the weekend of work aswell.

changed nappies :rs

found out nowt fits :rs

everything fits, you just need a bigger hammer

bigger wings mate no a bigger hammer :smiley: