engine help

hello! does anyone know where i can pick up a 2.7 diesel perkins engine for my lt35 motorhome or where the best place to look at and repair my siezed engin?

there’s a good place in edinburgh but you not putting your location on here i don’t know if there’s any point saying as it could be too far for you. nobody on this site is a crazed stalker as far as we know so does it need to be such a secret where your from with so many of the new members?

Was that not the engine that was a real favourite with boating types. Possibly worth checking out Leith Granton and Port Edgar business directories.

sorry about my location now updated cheers .Edinburgh is handy for me if you could give me a number or an an address i would be very greatful and then hopefuly a step closer thanx

i don’t know the name but it’s a couple of mins away from cameron toll shopping centre heading along the dalkeith road, the road the mazda garage is on. sorry can’t give you anymore info

that used to be inch diesel, but is now a block of overpriced flats, guy who was inch retired on the wonga the development company gave him !

Give Syncronutz in Shotts a call. Russel has just bought himself an LT so they might sort you out.