Engineering Firms

Anyone know of any engineering firms in edinburgh who could cold press my crank gear onto my crankshaft? its stuck half way on and wont budge any further! :slight_smile:

George Brown and Sons Engineers

5-6 The Shore , Leith , EDINBURGH , EH6 6QS

0131 554 5436

Try pouring a kettle full of boiling water over the gear. This should expand it enough to loosen its grip on the crank so you can gently tap it into place.
Failing that put the whole crank assembly in the oven (Take the Sunday roast out first) at around 100deg C for ten to fifteen mins, or untill you can feel that the gear is free. Use thick gloves as the crank will retain a lot of heat. However the gear will expand further than the crank and become free, so you can use a suitable drift to gently tap it into place.

nice one cheers might try the oven first…any ideas where i can get a suitably big drift?!

The ideal drift to use would be a piece of brass tube wide & long enough to fit over the crank so you can tap the gear into place. However a suitable length of tube is not the sort of thing to be found hiding in a kitchen drawer. The next best thing is to use a block of hardwood to hold against the gear so you can hammer the wood without the risk of damaging the gear.
If you get it hot enough though, the gear should slide on without needing much persuasion from your hammer.
Good luck. Hope it goes on ok.