Exhaust system coatings?

I have a pair of new genuine VW heat exchangers and a standard exhaust which are going on my Beetle very shortly. Before they go anywhere near the car, I want to make sure they last as long as possible.

What sort of treatments/coatings are out there that can take the temperatures involved and also not make toxic smells when hot?!

I want these heat exchangers to last a LONG time as I’m not likely to find more any time soon!


My bug ones were hammerited by the original owner and seem to have lasted very well.


I’ve used Finnegans No.1 followed by Smoothrite myself but it always comes off the pipework.
I’d like to get them blasted clean & properly coated with something clever but I have no idea if such a product even exists.
I’d heard that PIP at Newbattle were able to do something in this line but they weren’t answering their phone today.
Rob, do you guys have blasting facilities there or is it Powder only?

I’ve used VHT exhaust paint in the past on my motorbikes, never had much of a problem with it coming off, it comes in an aerosol so it’s dead easy to apply.

I’ll be looking for some blasting work in the near future aswell.


I’ve got Re-paint on the main part of the exchangers and VHT paint on the stubs, which seems to work. Try the frost cataloge for some header paint for the stubs, that should do the job nicely.