Extreme Veteran ******

What do the little stars mean under the “Extreme Veteran”? I have 4 out of five so I must be really good.


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what a surprise to find out who has the most posts!

biggest post sluts are:
1 seamonsta (surprise)
2 mark
3 jigs


Do I talk too much on here then…? :lol:

i need to talk more …though i like to look at the pictures most :smiley:

i’ve just not got anything sensible to say thats all.

cisco kid - 2007-09-06 5:08 PM

i’ve just not got anything sensible to say thats all.

we had noticed :lol: you will have plenty pictures after this weekend tho B)

i will that. probably mainly pics of rat look vehicles but i’ll maybe get a few pics of nice german look-cabs for inspiration.

i dont need inspiration i just need to finish it :lol:

yeah, i should maybe get some fasty pics too.
i need inspiration just to start! :lol:

just offer up a cakes in the garage day B)

or cakes in the curtyard. could happen, although i’m seriously considerin lettin a pro do the welding.